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The joy of being at Lac de Maison is that you can do as much or as little as you want.

There is plenty on-site to entertain all ages, yet there are also lots of good trips to be had.

  • A trip to the ever-popular Monkey Valley.

  • An afternoons' pony experience at the local stables.

  • Take in one of the traditional French markets.

  • Bike ride to Les Forges for lunch and a glass of wine.

  • Bike ride/car trip to Vasles for coffee or an ice cream.

  • A day at one of the lake beaches with their great facilities and play areas.

  • A day trip to La Rochelle and its super aquarium.

  • A boat trip on the Marais Poitevin (Green Venice) followed by lunch.

  • A day at Futuroscope, a science-based theme park.

  • A day out to Puy Du Fou, a historical-themed amusement park. 

  • A wander around Poitiers or Parthanay with all its history.

  • Or just stay here at Lac de Maison, swim, play, read and relax.


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